Imagine a gym where you can practice the flexibility, the strength and  the agility of your own thinking. 

In a Philosophy workshop (for/with children and young people) we train critical and creative thinking, caring and collaborative thinking.

The project filocriatividade was recognized by the Chaire UNESCO Pratiques de la Philosophie avec les enfants

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idea filocriatividade
idea filocriatividade

What are the #P4wC workshops?

Philosophy workshops are adapted to the ages of its participants. We begin with a philosophical provocation: a game, an excerpt from a text, a book, a video, or a question.

Then we buil conditions for the dialogue and we set some rules. For example: in order to speak, we put our hand up. One person speaks at a time, so that we can practice a listening attitude. 

You can find several records of the workshops (online and in-person) by searching on social media: #filocri.

Check out the agendaHERE.

what do i do?

study centers libraries services filocriatividade
study centers and libraries

Philosophy and creativity workshops, for children (from 4 years old) and young people. Participants are grouped by age or school year.

[Face-to-face or online]

workshops in schools services filocriatividade
workshops at schools

Philosophy and creativity workshops designed for classes, in kindergarten, as well as in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles

[Face-to-face or online]

questions in family services filocriatividade
workshops for familiies 

Workshops in which the child is accompanied by an adult: the parent, the grandparent, the older siblings, the godmother or godfather.

[Face-to-face or online]

training actions services filocriatividade
training courses

Short and long workshops or courses to learn what Philosophy for Children is, and how it is done. For teachers, educators and other educational agents.

[Face-to-face or online]

philosophical cafes services filocriatividade
philosophical cafés

This is an activity designed for grown-ups. The premise is to accept the challenge to stop and think. It all starts with a question.

[Face-to-face or online]

creative thinking services filocriatividade
creative thinking

Courses where you can learn and practice creativity. For children, for young people, and also for grown-ups.

[Face-to-face or online]

how does philosophy happen?

what do people say about #filocri workshops?

In 2009 Philosophy reached the children of Portalegre by Joana's hands. And if before I was already convinced of the urgency of teaching how to think, after attending this workshop, I realized how vital it is that our children know how to think "out of the box", that they see the world from other perspectives, other voices, other minds.

I felt sorry for not being able to set up a Philosophy School in Portalegre, I felt sorry for not being able to take Joana home to teach me to promote on a daily basis what she promotes in an hour.

Ana Cila

The Municipal Library of Faro "António Ramos Rosa" hosted in January 2020 the project filocriatividade with workshops by Joana Rita de Sousa. Activities on PHILOSOPHY for 3rd year elementary school students, a workshop for adults (parents and educators) and a session for parents and children were organized. This is a subject that is little addressed with children and therefore a challenge for adults who propose to streamline these actions. I accompanied Joana during the activities and through the dynamics created it is possible for children to see the world in a different way, to question, to get out of their comfort zone, and to develop critical thinking. At the end of the sessions, everyone discovers what the main action of those who want to philosophize is: ASK!

Fatima Monteiro Bento
Cultural Extension Service of the Municipal Library of Faro

The training workshops in the area of philosophy for/with children and the philosophical cafés in which I have participated, under the leadership of Joana Rita Sousa, have been a continuous and structured exercise of critical and creative thinking. They are organized around challenges that are constantly posed to us, with varying degrees of complexity, and with a game component that is motivating and often innovative. No less important than these dimensions, Joana's attitude has shown that the individual activity of this thinking exercise is as important as the collective action of the group, in an attitude of participation that 'lives' from the contradiction of each other's ideas but that cares for and promotes respect for each person. I recognize personal and professional gains in this practice of philosophy for non-philosophers.

Margarida Costa
Kindergarten Educator

We are very proud to have Joana Rita Sousa in our team. 

Bringing philosophy to the radio was a synchronous idea. We wanted the topic talked about on the radio and Joana responded exactly to what we had imagined - approaching philosophy, history and conceptions, in an unobtrusive and surprisingly fun way - as philosophy for kids.

"Philosophy is a thing for kids" is a weekly program that has been on the air for almost five years on the Radio Kids broadcast and has an unmistakable stamp of the hidden depth that Joana imprints on it - to trace in kids a curiosity for understanding the world.

João Pedro
Production Coordinator of Radio Miúdos

The work that Joana Rita Sousa develops in the area of Philosophy for children is an important contribution to the pedagogical offer of IMAGINA- Art Festival for the Youngsters, produced by Inestética- Cultural Association of New Ideas, based on the concept of Art and Thought. 

Since Philosophy is a subject that only enters the educational system from the 10th grade on, the philosophy workshops for children, led by Joana Rita Sousa, are an innovative way for young people to experience and learn about a subject that is unknown to them, but that we consider very important for their education.

Rita Leite
Producer at Inestética | New Ideas Cultural Association

Joana Rita Sousa collaborated with us in a series of workshops that included 6 2nd cycle classes from the Alcanena School Grouping. 

The sessions have allowed for good class involvement, almost always reaching even the most distracted or restless. There is a sense of humor allied to the constant questioning with the children that Joana manages to hold from the beginning to the end of the sessions. With a very strong playful dimension and a relationship that is always horizontal, it was very enjoyable to see the children take their time to understand how to ask questions, how to make statements, how to give examples, or how to present ideas. It's not all the same, and there was a search for rigor that we think is an excellent introduction to philosophy.

It was particularly touching to observe the organic integration of Portuguese Sign Language, which surely many children will not forget, and the respect for the identity of each group in conducting each session. Thus, each session was different, according to the dynamics of the group, the questions and answers advanced.

Elisabete Paiva
Artistic Director at Materiais Diversos

Joana captivates every student with her smile and presence. As soon as she arrives in a room, it is filled with curiosity and many questions on the board.

The tutorials are full of learning, with lots of colors and schemes.The students love it!

Patrícia Almeida
Pedagogical Coordinator at Da Vinci Education Gym (Odivelas)

The workshops of filocriatividade developed by Joana Rita Sousa are moments of group reflection on various themes of society, which, thanks to creative techniques, lead to critical thinking. The development of the workshops, both for children and adults, leads to more questions, and each time with more question marks, which exercises the will to go further in this community reflection.

participant in the philosophy workshops at the Manuel Alegre Library
in Águeda

The work that the philosopher Joana Rita Sousa developed with the team of the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) was essential to (re)remind us that, in interactions with children, dialogue and questions are essential tools for new ideas to emerge, to stimulate critical and reflective thinking. In fact, this is also true with adults! Specifically, in the case of children, Joana's training proposal has contributed to the training of technicians and technicians at APAV, with a view to developing their technical skills for a more effective communication with children. The latter is a key step or stage in the assistance to children victims of crime and violence, being equally fundamental to the dynamization of awareness initiatives and violence prevention activities with this target group.

Rosa Saavedra
senior advisor, APAV - Victim Support Association
joana rita sousa filocriatividade

Hello there! My name is Joana!

I have a degree in Philosophy from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon). Since 2008 I travel around the country promoting critical and creative thinking workshops for all ages. In 2011 I went to Escola Portuguesa de Moçambique (Maputo) to provide training for teachers and educators. In 2019 I completed my master's degree in Philosophy for Children (Universidade dos Açores).

Teacher, trainer, mentor and speaker

I collaborate with the Post-Graduate Course in Philosophy for Children at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, teaching two courses: Methodologies and Critical and Creative Thinking. I have been a speaker at a TEDx talk.

I am a certified trainer. I also provide mentoring services (individual / group) for those who want to develop critical and creative thinking. 

Member and Founder

I am part of several organizations related to philosophy for/with children, namely: honorary member of the Mexican Federation of Philosophy for Children, member of the Portuguese Philosophical Society, member of the Centro de Filosofía para Niños. I collaborate with the Sophia Network Board and in 2023 I was elected for the Executive Committee of the International Council of Philosophy Inquiry with Children (ICPIC). I am one of theco-founders of the meetings Sentir Pensamentos | Pensar Sentidos.

"Talk with a smile"

In addition to being certified and master in Philosophy for Children, I continue to invest in my training in this area. I have certifications with SAPERE (UK), Centro de Filosofia para Niños (Spain), Wonder Ponder (Spain), The Philosophy Foundation (UK), Centro de Filosofia para Niños (Spain). This is a subject that truly fascinates me.
Philosophy makes me "talk with a smile"(as Mia said).

let's do some philosophy?
contact me to learn more about in-person or online workshops
[email protected]joana 1 philosophy for children and youth

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Created in 2006, the blog filocriatividade - philosophy for children and creativity is dedicated to share news about workshops and events related to philosophy for / with children, in Portugal and worldwide.

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